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  • What is Myotherpay Clinic?
    It’s the next generation in massage and body work. Myotherapy is a form of massage based physical therapy. It’s main purpose is to treat, and prevent muscle pain and restricted joint movement. Myotherapy treatment mainly focuses on the health os muscles, fascia, ligaments and tendons. Myotherapy treatment can include: Massage Cupping Medical Acupunture Myofacial work Corrective Exercises Stretching K-Tape Electrotherapy Acupunture
  • What is Myotherapy aiming to treat?
    Treatment is directed at the fascia or soft tissue component of our connective tissue, which includes the muscles, ligaments and tendons. These forms of tissue provide the crucial support and protection for the internal organs and structures of the body, and if stimulated in the appropriate way can promote healing of the nervous, skeletal and circulatory systems, amongst others.
  • What techniques will be used in a treatment?
    Techniques used are soft tissue manipulation/ deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, medical acupuncture, myofascial release, cupping, k-taping, electroacupuncture, postural assessment and correction, corrective exercises (stretches, strength), core stability exercises. These techniques will be used in to ease tight muscles, reduce pressure on joints, relieve pain and improve range you're of movement.
  • How does myofascial release technique help?
    Myofascial Release deals with the fascia or connective tissue of the body. The fascia is interconnected to every other part of the body and actually helps to support the bodies very structure, including the musculoskeletal system. When injury, inflammation, physical or emotional trauma occurs, the fascia can become tight and cause pain and restricted range of motion. The technique aims to release the fascia and returns the structure to a state of normalcy, by applying slow strong glide to the restricted areas. Myofascial release techniques can help with a number of conditions, including chronic pain, postural balance, headaches and stress-related illness.
  • What technique would work best for Me?
    The technique that works best for you depends on how you’re feeling when you come in for your treatment. Unlike other spas that charge extra for advanced massage techniques like deep tissue or Shiatsu, I set my own pricing and have generally chosen not to charge extra for advanced techniques. The only thing that their clients need to worry about is how long they want their session to last. Everything else, including what techniques are used to treat each client, is left up to me to decide after you have explained what kind of problems you’re having. You can always request a specific type of treatment and confirm ahead of time that I specializes in that technique.
  • How will I feel after my treatment?
    Most people feel relief. Some experience freedom from long-term aches and pains developed from tension or repetitive activity. After an initial treatment you can feel slightly tender for 24-48 hours this can be reduced with stretching and heat or ice. If you experience tenderness longer than 48 hours please contact your myotherapist to answer any questions you may have. After the first 48 hours following your treatment, people often experience increased energy, heightened awareness, and greater productivity which can last for days. It is recommended you drink plenty of water following your massage.
  • Will it hurt?
    Myotherapy is not painful. I will work within your threshold, if you feel uncomfortable at any point then let me know straight away. I want you to be in control of your body and speak up if there is anything you are not comfortable with in your session.
  • What are the benefits?
    The treatment can help release chronic muscular tension and pain, improve circulation, increase joint flexibility, reduce mental and physical fatigue and stress, promote faster healing of injured muscular tissue, improve posture, and reduce blood pressure. You will find it will promote better sleep, improve concentration, reduce anxiety and create an overall sense of well-being.
  • Prices
    30 Min Session £40 60 min Session £55.00 90 min Session £75.00 The length of your massage will be roughly 10 minutes less than the length of the session as it includes time for a quick chat plus undressing/dressing. You can pay online when you book or on the day with cash or card.
  • How much appointment time do I have?
    I offer 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 120 minutes appointments. The session length includes time for discussing you're goals for the session, time to get undressed before and dressed after your session and a moment to check in after the appointment. I also offer movement ideas and exercises for those that want something helpful to do between sessions, and this would also take up some of the appointment time if you wanted this option.
  • Do you sell Gift Vouchers?
    Unfortunately, I do not offer gift vouchers. The types of treatment provided vary differently from those offered at a Spa or a Beauty salon. I specialise in treatments that relieve or resolve soft tissue injuries and therefore those conditions depend on the personal choice, or condition, best suited to an individuals' needs or recommended by a medical professional (ie. GP, Osteopath, physiotherapist, or Chiropractor). As part of the session, I am able to provide goals to help self-manage the injury, which requires a level of participation and commitment and the booking process also involves completing an intake form requiring personal details and health information that needs to be completed by the client.
  • Can I rescheduling an appointment online?
    Yes you can. To reschedule an appointment, you can do so by opening the appointment email that you received and use the "Click Here" button where you'll be guided to your Booking Page.
  • Can I scheduling additional package appointments?
    When you choose a package, you can schedule all appointments at once, or schedule just the first appointment and save the others for later online. To do this, you open the email you received after booking the package appointments and click "Click here" to manage the appointments. You enter your email address and access code to gain access to the list of dates in the package. When you gain access to your list of appointments, you'll see the dates that have yet to be selected are shown below the scheduled appointments.
  • Do you take card payments?
    Yes we do. We take payments online or accept card/cash/apple payments at the clinic. Unfortunately, I am unable to bill insurance companies but are able to provide receipts for the sessions.
  • How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment?
    To reschedule an appointment, you can do so by opening the appointment email that was sent to you. To change the appointment date and time, click "Click here" to manage your appointments. This will guide you to the Booking Login page where you enter your email address. After they enter their email address, you will be prompted that an access code has been emailed to you. When you receive the access code email, you simply need to enter it into the access code field and click "Login". After you enter the access code you will see a list of all their scheduled appointments. To the right of the status column is the "Reschedule" option (shown below). When you click "Reschedule", the appointment calendar with the available time slots for that service will appear. This gives you the ability to select the date and timethery wish to reschedule the appointment to. Cancel Appointment: To cancel an appointment, the steps are very similar to the rescheduling process. After you enter your access code and is at the list of scheduled appointments, on the far right is the "Cancel" option. Here, you can enter a reason for the cancellation to be passed on to the practitioner. The cancellation policy of the service will be shown, and if there are any penalties for cancelling they will be displayed as well. When you have finished entering the reason for cancellation, you need to click "Yes, cancel this appointment" to finalize the cancellation.
  • Covid-19
    Coronavirus and Covid-19 have forced significant changes to how the massage industry operates and more specifically how I run my clinic and treatments. I have a dedicated page that will hopefully answer all your questions in regards what changes I have made, how different your massage appointment will be and how safe are you if you come in for a massage.
  • Do you do relaxing massage?
    No. While most people find massage and the treatment extremely relaxing (and sometimes even fall asleep), I am not specialised in this type of relaxation as in a day spa where there is silence and water running gently in the background.
  • How many treatments do I need?
    The number of treatments you need depends on the condition and person I am treating. I will aim to keep your appointments to a minimum. I will be able to tell you within a short period of time whether I can treat you or if I need to refer you to someone else. Generally you would expect to see some changes in your symptoms after one or two visits; however, some long-term or chronic conditions may require a longer course or more frequent treatment. If you have any concerns, I will be happy to discuss these with you.
  • Can a single session “fix” me?
    There’s no definite answer to this question – clients vary with different ailments, some chronic, some intermittent. The treatment to alleviate these conditions varies as well. Some people walk away from a single treatment session feeling immediate relief, others have felt a physical improvement from their session the next day or a few days later, and some have required a series of regularly scheduled treatments in order to notice significant improvements. It’s important to speak about your ailments and your expectation, so they I help you understand the benefits they anticipate you’ll receive and how soon you can expect those benefits from your therapy. While it’s ultimately up to you to decide whether you want a single session or a series of sessions, if you plan to return more frequently you can take advantage of series packages.
  • Must I be completely undressed?
    You should undress to your comfort level. It is the personal preference of the individual as to whether they fully undress or keep undergarments on. You will undress and dress in the privacy of your massage room and will be securely covered by towel during your massage session.
  • How soon can I expect pain relief?
    Pain relief after a massage is immediate. Most individuals notice a dramatic reduction in lower back, neck and leg pain. They also experience less overall joint and body pain. Athletes who receive regular massages notice faster recovery times after workouts and experience fewer injuries. The benefits of massage are also cumulative. Individuals that receive multiple massages a month experience increased flexibility, lower pain levels and fewer headaches. Receiving regular massages promotes mental wellbeing. Individuals with depression and anxiety notice fewer symptoms. Massages also reduce stress and lower the levels of stress hormones in the blood.
  • How often should I have a massage?
    Everybody is different. Depending on what is going on this would be assessed during our first session. This decision is up to you and what you hear your body telling you. Remember massage is not a luxury; just as you provide regular maintenance on your car, the body too needs to be regularly maintained.
  • Do you do home visits?
    No. Home visits are not offered at this time.
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